History Travel & Adventure 25x26'


What if we looked at the world from a different perspective? This documentary collection invites us to contemplate Europe from the sky. Seen from above, it offers the eye a diversity of breathtaking landscapes. Through them, the continent’s entire history is told.


From the edification of a vast network of Roman roads in Antiquity to the emergence of modern Italy. From the fortifications of the Reconquista to the upheavals of the Spanish Civil War. From Franco-German rivalries to their reconciliation and cross-border cooperation. From the rise to the fall of the British industrial power…


Each country bears the indelible marks of the events that have occurred through the centuries, forging both national and collective identities. Combining splendid aerial images with explanations from experts (historians, archaeologists, geographers, geologists, etc.), Europe: History Seen from Above takes us on a fabulous journey through time and space.

Spain (5x26')

  1. When Spain was called Hispania
  2. Al Andalus, Muslim Spain
  3. La Reconquista
  4. The times of the Conquistadors
  5. The legacy of the Civil War

Italy (5x26')

  1. Roman civil Engineering
  2. The City States
  3. Italian Unity
  4. Cities of the 20th century
  5. A Telluric Tale

France-Germany (10x26')

  1. Traces of the Cold War
  2. Of Bread, Beer and Wine
  3. Holiday Landscapes
  4. Challenged by the Forces of Nature
  5. A Thousand Years of Religion
  6. Times of Royal Splendour 
  7. Legendary Trade Routes
  8. From the Garden-City to Housing Estates
  9. Traces of the Indutrial Revolution
  10. Borders Between War and Peace 

United Kingdom (5x26')

  1. The First Settlements
  2. Birth of a Nation
  3. A Green and Pleasant Land 
  4. The Industrial Revolution
  5. A Seafaring Nation

Direction: Roland Théron, Mike Magidson, Jean-Philippe Urbach, Adila Benedjaï-Zou & Timothée Jansenn

Production: Point du Jour for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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