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The Brenne, a French region of a thousand ponds. The Dehesa, a Spanish savannah. The Puszta, the last European steppe in Hungary. The Scottish Highlands and their moorland-covered valleys. At first sight, these places are wild, and yet they are the fruit of human development.


Spectacular, unique and home to a biodiversity unequalled in Europe, these territories, their flora and fauna, are the fruit of a singular and close co-evolution between Nature and Man. A story still in motion today, as human needs, both economic and ecological, help to reshape, threaten and sometimes maintain this biodiversity.


Conservationists, farmers, archaeologists and scientists must join forces to conserve these areas, working towards a rational approach to land management in which humans have their rightful place. With biodiversity facing a major crisis, a time in which questions are being raised about our place in the “wild”, the story of these areas sheds light on how we experience our relationship with Nature.

  • The Brenne of a thousand ponds
  • The Dehesa, a timeless savannah
  • The Scottish highlands
  • The Puszta, the last European steppe

Direction: Benoit Demarle, Sacha Bollet, Stéphane Jacques & Bruno Victor-Pujebet

Production: ROCHE Productions & Mediatika for ARTE

Languages: French, English

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