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Emma & Eddie: A Working Couple

"If it is not on Instagram, is it real?"


Emma and Eddie are an award-winning web cam couple who married 7 years ago. They are social media stars living a luxurious life and having crazy perfect sex. But only while other people are watching, and paying for it. When their live-show stops, the dream life evaporates and they end up in a hollow space where they hardly communicate anymore.


An intimate look on a dysfunctional couple in love: Emma and Eddie are witnesses of affection and violence in a perpetual battle. Where deep love, mental abuse and childhood traumas are constantly reproduced in their intimacy - in an intimacy which they are professional performers of on social media.


Despite all, love is what glues them together, and makes them inseparable. But could their love be fake as well? Or is this what love is, in a digitalized, modern relationship with shifting gender roles and values?

Direction: Gábor Hörcher

Production: ZED & KraatsFilm Productions for HBO Europe

Languages: French, English

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