Science 2x43’ 90’

From Kiss to Baby

Inner Adventure Collection

What is the earliest stage in the birth of new life that we can observe? How detailed are the observations that science and modern technologies allow us?

For the first time, thanks to the latest medical technologies and micro cinematography, this film comes closest to the miracle of life by inviting us to a fantastic trip inside our bodies, to observe the birth of life in all its phases: the search for a partner through to sexual intercourse, fertilization, growth of the egg and the foetus until the birth.

The whole story begins with a hormonal language, chemical messages and nervous stimuli, which sharpen the sexual appetite, the quest for pleasure and the reproductive instinct to which every man and every woman is subject. These phenomena mobilize all the organs and components of our bodies and have measurable effects that can be recorded even if the transmission of certain messages and their     interpretation remain a partial mystery for modern science.

Production: Mona Lisa Production

Director: Thierry Berrod

Languages: French, English

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