Social issues 60'

Come as you are!

Body count, penis’ size, erectile capacity, performance and length of the act… We don’t talk about it much, yet when it comes to sexuality many injunctions weigh on men.


Young director Lou Carenar decides to interview a dozen men on such topic. Cis or trans, racialized or white, young or old, and of all sexual orientations, they bare their souls by sharing their personal experience with sincerity, humor and emotion. By accurately analyzing questions of gender, desire and pleasure, this film invites us to deconstruct virility and build positive masculinities.


Mixing a sexologist’ intervention with on-camera interviews, Come as you are! is as intimate as it is educational: It clearly proves that vulnerability is in no way the opposite of male gender.

Direction: Lou Carenar

Production: ZED for France TV Slash

Languages: French

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