Science 52’ 85’

Faithful Polygamists

Inner adventure Collection

This documentary explains why and how infidelity can occur. This reality has become so frequent that it preoccupies our contemporaries who dream of eternal love but arrive at having to look for it with several partners.

Which raises the question: would we not be in majority monogamous recidivists, but rather polygamists several times faithful?

This film invites us to follow the behavior, the emotions and the cerebral processes that take us from the first kiss to the last. It begins by investigating the biological and animal origins of infidelity, and notably the genetic predispositions. Then, are cited several cultural factors that diminish sexual desire in our societies. Following are evoked the feelings that announce a separation, like the apparition of jealousy by fear of abandonment, or that of sudden disgust of the partner. Finally, the film aims to leave the viewer on a hopeful note, indicating how it is possible to make love last by behavioral or chemically-assisted couples therapy, by therapeutic kissing or by the practice of consented polyamor.

Production : Mona Lisa Production

Director : Thierry Berrod

Languages: French, English

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