Science 4K 2x45' 90'

Destination Moon: The New Space Age

1969. July, 21. 3h56. Man sets foot on the Moon for the very first time. Since the achievement of the Apollo program, he has not returned to Earth’s satellite. But things are about to change. The Artemis program marks the beginning of a new chapter in lunar exploration.


Launched notably in 2022 by NASA, this enormous endeavor requires the collaboration of more than 30 000 researchers from around the world. The third phase of Artemis shall mark the return of humankind to the Moon – and this time, it is a woman that will walk on lunar soil for the first time. Its main aim? To create a permanent base by 2030 which would ensure major advances in space research. Could the Moon become a springboard to Mars?


Combining archive images, impressive CGI and interventions of those who work on this colossal mission, this film tells in detail the history of the Moon’s conquest, from the first Apollo expeditions to the latest milestones steps of Artemis.

Direction: Laurent Lichtenstein

Production: ZED, One Way Films & NHK for France Télévisions, ZDF Terra X, SVT, PTS, RTBF, Česká Televize & SBS

Delivery: Spring 2025

Winner of the 2022 Global Doc Joint-funding Competition

Languages: French, English

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