Science 4K 4x52' 1x90'

Living Universe

Since the dawn of man we have peered into the night sky and wondered. And the more we’ve looked, the further we’ve seen. In the last 50 years, we have broken the shackles of gravity and ventured to the limits of the Solar System for the very first time. It’s been both a revelation and a revolution. 

We now stand poised to cross the greatest threshold of all. Humanity’s finest minds have begun working on spaceships and telescopes that will take us outside our Solar System and deeper into the Universe. None of us know what we’ll find, but we do know what we are looking for: proof of the existence of life, in all its bizarre and alien possibilities, beyond Earth. This is a quintessential human quest. We are seeking company and reassurance in a so far lonely and expanding Universe. 

Because so much of our speculation about life on distant planets is based on our new understandings of Planet Earth, this series in 4K is an exploration of our own planet as well as the truly alien. We’ll experience in breathtaking CGI the stunning scenery of the most remote corners of our own world as well as that of planets we are just beginning to understand. A visual odyssey based on the latest science filtered through the world’s leading experts in the field of space exploration, planetary science and astrobiology. 

Living Universe captures this pivotal moment in the human story. A series full of insight and inspiration certain to thrill anyone who dreams of distant worlds, yet with enough real world relevance for those of us who haven’t until now.

  • Episode 1: The Planet Hunters
  • Episode 2: The Explorers
  • Episode 3: Second Genesis
  • Episode 4: Contact

Direction: Vincent Amouroux & Alex Barry 

Production: ZED, ESSENTIAL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT, ARTE France, ABC Australia & CuriosityStream

With the support of Creative Europe - Media Programme of the European Union.

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Pariscience, Science Film Festival

    High-schoolers Prize (Contact episode)

  • Jackson Wild

    Official selection (episode 2: The explorers)

  • Lumexplore

    Grand Prize (episode 4: Contact)

  • Raw Science Film Festival

    Official Selection (episode 4: Contact)

  • 50/1 Documentary Film Festival

    Official selection (episode 1: The planet hunters & episode 2: The explorers)

  • Pariscience, Science Film Festival

    Selected in the School Section (episode 1: The planet hunters)

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