XR 40'


MOONRISE - Dome experience takes us on the great human adventure of space exploration, alongside the astronauts. This immersive odyssey reveals their intensive preparations, right up to the launch to the Moon.


From centrifuge simulations to pool sessions, to exercises in lunar-like environments: astronauts in training experience incredible situations. The MOONRISE - Dome experience invites you to live these moments from the inside, in 360-degree immersion.


Throughout this adventure, a narrative voice-over enriches the testimonies of the astronauts involved in future Artemis missions, and provides contextual information. The MOONRISE - Dome experience tells a profoundly human story, highlighting the shared destiny of these men and women who dream of freeing themselves from the Earth’s gravity.

Direction: Léa Ducré & Jérémy Oury

Production: ZED, D&D Pictures, France TV Lab, NHK, PTS

Languages: French, English

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