History 4K 3x52'

Deep Time History

By revealing the surprising links between human History and Deep Time, this series in 4K shows how our civilization and innovations are driven not only by decisions we make or victories on the battlefield, but by Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry - by forces so far back in time, that the formation of our planet secretly shaped the stories we thought we knew.

Epic, cinematic recreations and CGI provide an exclusive look at how events in Deep Time - the formation of the Universe, exploding stars, clashing continents and evolution - have precipitated crucial moments in human History. A unique series that digs deep into the farthest reaches of time to reveal the sometimes unexpected answers to questions of how and why civilization as we know it exists today. 

  • Episode 1: The Rise of Civilization and Empire
  • Episode 2: The Renaissance And Age Of Discovery
  • Episode 3: The Industrial Revolution and Modern Warfare

Direction: Gabriel Rotello & James Grant Goldin

Production: CuriosityStream 

Languages: English

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