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For 3 years, a class of middle school teenagers took part in the Paris Opera's "Dix mois d'école et d'Opéra" (10 months of Opera and school) program. After a frosty reception to the project, choreographer Rodolphe Fouillot's dedication won the schoolchildren over, beyond their differences and preconceptions.


"10 Months of School and Opera" offers classes the chance to build projects that contribute to the success and personal development of their pupils.


Day after day, month after month, from September to June, the film follows the extraordinary adventure of these students from a middle school as they immerse themselves in the magic of the Opera. A wonderful lesson of humanity. Two worlds, two universes, one encounter.

Direction: Stéphane Carrel

Production: Flair Production & Opéra National de Paris for Canal+

Languages: French

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