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Born to be King

Cha, 23, is a Drag King. On stage, they are PowerBeauTom, a musician with a boundless energy who celebrates freedom. Through this emancipating art form, they can play the codes of the genre, break free from injunctions and transcend an alienating binarity. Cha share their story.


By becoming King, Cha was able to put into words a feeling that has been with them since childhood: that of not conforming to their gender assigned at birth. When they entered the drag world, they realized that one can choose fluidity over rigidity. They formed strong bonds with those who, like them, felt truly themselves on the scene. Through encounters, workshops and shows, Cha has blossomed. But what happens once they get off the stage? Will they be able to fully live their transidentity?


Far from limiting itself to a spectacular dimension, this documentary questions the social and political scope of the Drag King scene – much less known than its feminine counterpart. Initiating to the origins of this art and immersing us in its festive atmosphere, Manon Selli’s first film particularly shines by its intimate side, combining Cha’s personal archives with deep and sincere testimonies of his relatives.

Direction: Manon Selli

Production: TSVP for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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