Art & Culture 52'

Hopper X Vermeer

Two centuries separate Edward Hopper from Johannes Vermeer, two centuries separate "New York office" from "Woman in blue reading a letter", two centuries bring two artists together in their particular vision of the world.


Both Hopper and Vermeer cultivate mystery: their paintings are discreetly sprinkled with enigmatic symbols and attitudes focused on, or towards something that escapes us, the object around which the painting is organized.

Both have the conscious ambition to make the human figure present, close but at the same time protected from any direct communication. Without knowing the characters that they expose to us, we guess their trouble and we feel it. By sharing with us the isolation of their characters, we experience it in a collective way. A very contemporary perspective, experienced in a striking way during the lockdown.


Both have the perception of a deep, transcendent reality, superior to the "ordinary reality" that occupies our daily lives. This cross portrait will highlight the omnipresent anachronistic dialogue between these two genius painters.

Direction: Annie Dautane 

Production: Calm for France Télévisions

Delivery: Fall 2023

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