Art & Culture 2x45’ 90’ 52’

Vermeer, Beyond Time

Plunge into Johannes Vermeer’s world and rediscover this enigmatic master. One of the best known yet most mysterious painters of all time, he astonishingly ended up in oblivion. His work, reflecting everyday life in the 17th Century, has gained international recognition, despite only 37 paintings left behind. But who was this man, always portrayed as a solitary, who remained anonymous in his own day?
Discover the world of Vermeer, at times of economic boom and creative frenzy, in a small country that fostered the blossoming of hundreds of artists and thousands of exceptional paintings. This docudrama immerses us into 17th Century blooming Holland to rediscover Vermeer in a unique way. Unveiling the complexity and richness of the artist’s work, it reveals his painful fate, caught in a chaos that would lead him to an anonymous end.  A beautiful voyage between present and past to understand how forgotten paintings finally became icons of our civilization.

Production: Martange Production, ARTE France & Louvre Museum

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Cottet & Guillaume Cottet

Languages: French, English

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