Travel & Adventure 13x26'

Big Game

BIG GAME is a 13 X 26’ adventure series following Shaun and his team of specialists in South Africa as they go about their daily work capturing endangered animals and releasing them in reserves and natural parks.

To maintain genetic diversity, relocating the animals is the only way to preserve the delicate balance of Africa's ecosystems and ensure wildlife conservation.

In each episode, the big game capture team faces a new and potentially hazardous challenge, whether the target is a lion, rhino or just a group of gazelles. When an animal attacks one of them, they have to deploy their strategy very quickly.

A beautiful series with spectacular capture scenes in the wild that provide a feeling of tension that lasts until the end.

1/ Close to the lions

2/ Wild zebra captures

3/ The snake master & the éléphants

4/ Wildebeest chase in Karoo

5/ Written in Stone

6/ A rhino under close watch

7/ Dance with the giraffes

8/ Elephant Capture

9/ Hippotamus Tragedy

10/ Chased by Warthogs

11/ Crocodile Alert

12/ The Threat of the python

13/ Savings our zebras and lions

Direction: Daniel Serre

Production: La Cinquième, Odyssée & Strawberry Films


Languages: French, Español, English

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