Nature 4K 52'

Dragonflies: Ladies of the Air

She is usually perceived as a delicate creature… yet she is one of the toughest insects known to man! Let’s follow the life of a resilient and elegant acrobat.


Dragonflies appeared on Earth 300 million years ago but to this day naturalists are still amazed by their behavior. Indeed, from their larval state up to their finale shape, these small beings never cease to impress. Their life begins underwater: the larva itself is already endowed with impressive abilities. We’re lucky to witness the shedding process and to see the insect coming out to the world, thus revealing its vivid colors. We’ll discover the achievements of a dozen species of dragonflies.


From hunting scenes to breeding sequences, passing by splendid aerial ballets, this film grasps the dragonfly’s day-to-day in fine details. Through its meticulous footage, Dragonflies: Ladies of the Air offers beautiful close-ups of these astonishing insects.

Direction: Marie Daniel & Fabien Mazzocco

Production: Mona Lisa Production & Mauvaises Graines for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, English

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