Nature Science 4K 2x52'

Life in Fluo

They live on land or under the sea. They are covered with feathers, scales, leaves or hair. In spite of their distinct characteristics, they share the same secret power… fluorescence!


Some creatures are gifted with such “magical” power that is in fact more widespread that one might think. Indeed, all around us, animals, plants and minerals shimmer! If this phenomenon is invisible to our eyes, it plays a key role in the survival, predation or reproduction of these living beings. This series invites us to dive into the respective universe of different fluorescent species - from the spider to the jellyfish, through the Clerodendrum - and to examine their particular behaviors.


Thanks to visual and sound immersion effects and with the help of the scientists who study this phenomenon, this 2-part documentary feels like slipping into the skin of these creatures who see “life in fluo". We embark on a colorful journey, where magic and reality intertwine.


Dive deeper into the world of fluorescent creatures with the 100% wildlife film version.

Direction: Rachel Guénon & Samuel Guiton
Production: ZED for ARTE G.E.I.E.
Delivery: Fall 2024

Languages: French, English

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