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Aux quatre vents

As a result of family violence, Patrick, 8, and his younger brothers were taken away from their parents. Placed in different foster homes, the four boys grew up separately.

Patrick, 23 years old, seems today to have found his way by choosing the profession of specialized educator, which is not the case of his 3 brothers with much more chaotic backgrounds. Unemployed, sometimes homeless, these young men face daily hardship. And if Patrick has regular news of Nicolas and Jean-Marc, doing everything possible to help them on a daily basis, it's been 4 years since he last saw the youngest, Gabriel.

At the cost of a stubborn quest, Patrick manages to reunite his brothers to celebrate his birthday. In an apartment in Strasbourg, the four young people will share, for the first time in 15 years, a weekend together. It is an opportunity for them to look back on their lives, their differences, their fears and their hopes: What do they have to share about their placement in child protection? What does it mean to be "brothers" when you have never lived together? How can we love each other when we have not been taught to?

Direction: Bertrand Hagenmüller

Production: ZED & Loir Production

Languages: French

awards & festivals

  • TV Festival of Luchon

    Society Prize

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