History 2x52’

The Escape Balloon

In 1979, two families succeeded in a unique escape in history: to flee the East German dictatorship by the sky, thanks to the hot-air balloon they secretly built. But it took them two years to do so, between failed attempts and fear of the omnipresent Stasi, the political police.

In this adventure, the "Great History" - the Cold War - is permanently mixed with the "small" one: the one of two fathers, their wives and their children, enamored by an insatiable dream of freedom. The film will trace the two years that allowed this high-risk escape, from the birth of the project to its landing, with its share of obstacles, failures and twists.

This documentary will be built like a thriller, embodied by compelling characters. Emblematic of the Cold War, this incredible story of courage, daring and desire for freedom will be told through archival footage, animated sequences and testimonials.

Direction: Elisabeth Scherrer

Production: TSVP for Planète+

For the 35th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 2024

Languages: French, English

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