Nature 26x5'

Animal Tales

Animal Tales tells the incredible daily adventures of animals we think we know so well. Did you know that ants keep insects as livestock like humans raise cattle? That the spider is a great mother who carries over a thousand of her babies for months on her back? The wildlife world is full of marvels, tenderness and humorous situations, but also stories of survival and cruelty. Discover how spiders, lizards, hedgehogs, frogs, chameleons, bees and other familiar creatures can still amaze us.

  • The Bees & The Wasps
  • The Weasel
  • The Bat and the Badger
  • The Chameleon
  • The Bush Crickets
  • The Sand Lizard
  • The Newts
  • The Fox
  • The Roe Deer
  • The Grass Snake
  • The Natterjack Toad
  • The Two Tailed Pasha
  • The Tarantulla
  • The Coot
  • The Viper
  • The Praying Mantis
  • The Treefrog
  • The Montpellier Snake
  • The Mouse
  • The Ants
  • The Netspinning Spiders
  • The Ocellated Lizard
  • The Hedgehod
  • The Turtle
  • The Common Toad
  • The Swallow


Director: Adam Schmedes

Languages: French, Español, English

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