Nature Science 4K 52'


Who knows about springtails? And among those for whom this name rings a bell, how many have already seen them? Yet, these small animals, similar to insects, are present in all terrestrial ecosystems.


Springtails are undisputed soil regulators. Scientists recognize them today as absolutely essential, especially in the search for pollutants, disruptors, and all the variations that affect our soils, but this little animal is almost unknown.


Thanks to extremely precise cameras, as close as possible to these microscopic animals, a teeming life is revealed before our eyes. According to the seasons, the film invites us to get into the intimacy of the springtails, to discover their morphology, their role and their usefulness in the ecosystems of the planet while rubbing shoulders with other organisms in the same environments.

Direction: Philippe Lebeaux

Production: Mona Lisa Production for Ushuaïa TV & ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Festival de l’oiseau et de la nature 2024

    Prix du jury

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