Art & Culture History 52'

1968, Photographic Acts

The events that made 1968 famous around the world triggered dramatic upheavals in our society. A few images, which were a testimony to these times of far-reaching change, provided photographers with significant visibility. At the time, a publication in Time-Life, Newsweek, or Paris-Match could bring about a change in one’s professional fortune. The deflagration in 1968 highlighted the fires in Vietnam, the tears in Prague, the agony of Biafra, the blood of Martin Luther King, the dug up paving stones in Paris, and the determination of Afro-American athletes in Mexico. If History is our heritage, these images are its landmarks.


By talking to photography professionals, historians, sociologists, or people who were involved in events at the time, 1968 – Photographic Acts revisits these timeless photographs. These participants will illustrate the historical links between the photographs which, as they tell their stories of war, racism, social protest and African injustice, portray the interwoven histories of our era to which they will also be the key as long as we continue to look at them.

Direction: Auberi Edler

Production: Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée & Les Films d’Ici for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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