Art & Culture History 25x5'

Story of a photo

An era, an iconic photo, an artist, a point of view - these are the essential ingredients of this series. But above all, there’s A STORY.


First there’s the main picture. Then there are four more photos helping understand the story behind the first one. Finally, the first photo shows up again. And now you get it, you feel it.


The first Selfie, the first photo, the glasses of John Lennon, Eva Dixon in Paris, Bob Dylan trying on a new Shirt… Through 24 emblematic photos of their own era, this miniseries that examines one iconic photo per episode offers an artistic and unique point of view on one picture.

  • Lee Miller in Hitler's Bathtub
  • The World’s First Selfie – USA 1839
  • Abraham Lincoln – Striking a Deal with God
  • Battle of The Sexes
  • Henri Cartier Bresson – The Decisive Moment
  • John Lennon’s Glasses – That Last Day
  • Maria Åkerblom – Finnish Christian Mafia
  • Bigfoot – At Bluff Creek
  • The First Photo – France 1826
  • Ernest Hemingway on Pilar – His Life in one Photo
  • Eva Dickson – First Through the Sahara Desert
  • Bob Dylan – Trying on a new Shirt
  • Van Der Lubbe – Setting the World on Fire
  • Migrant Mother – Proudness in Despair
  • Jerrie Cobb – First Woman not on the Moon
  • Violette Morris – French Rebel/French Traitor
  • Oscar Rejlander – Faking It
  • Nick and Kim – Vietnam War II
  • Mamie Till – See My Son!
  • Capten Bolja – Gone Fishing
  • Pale Blue Dot – Sagan’s Dream
  • Julia Margaret Cameron – The Best Portraits
  • The Family Picture – What Happened next?
  • Nikola Tesla – Lonesome Genius
  • Anna and The Kids – So not on Instagram

Direction: Rasmus Åkerblom  

Production: Nordic Eye Productions for SVT

Languages: French, English

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