Solar Odyssey 52' by Blandine Josselin


What do we know of the Sun today? Can we hope that one day we’ll be able to get closer to a star whose coolest zone is at around 3,500 °C, and whose heart is burning at over 15 million degrees?

To try to solve the last mysteries that surround our star, this documentary will take us on board two space missions that will try to get closer to it than ever before: Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter.

How did these daunting missions, the fruit of teamwork between Europe and the United States, come to see the light of day? And what can they teach us? An unprecedented journey into space to learn more about this heavenly body that has a direct impact on the Earth’s spatial environment and on which we depend more and more.


Direction: Blandine Josselin

Production: Label News for RMC découverte

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English

Screening Room

For professional use only

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