Life on Fire 6x52' by Bertrand Loyer, Jacques Bedel & François de Riberolles


From the ocean abyss to snow-covered summits, this ambitious series paints a detailed picture of the struggles and amazing intimacy required to survive around volcanoes.

Spectacular scenery provides the backdrop for the extraordinary animals and plants that have learned to juggle with fire. Fragile and engaging, these creatures teach us lessons in survival in a world as fascinating as it is dangerous.


Direction: Bertrand Loyer, Jacques Bedel & François de Riberolles

Production: Saint Thomas Productions for ARTE France

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English


  • Icelandic Volcanoes
  • Volcano Doctors
  • Pioneers of the Deep
  • Phenix Temple
  • Surprise Salmons
  • Ash Runners

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