Nature 4K 52'

Nature's Survivors

Every year, the Earth is hit by cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods. These events make the headlines, with alarming human death toll numbers.

But what about animals? How do mountain goats know a volcano is about to erupt? What happens to birds that are trapped in the eye of massive cyclones? How do chamois survive an avalanche without an airbag?

This one-hour special explores how animals cope with natural disasters – before, during and after the events themselves. Some are able to foretell coming disasters, some have found ingenious ways of coping with fires, floods and stormsand others manage to adapt to the aftermath and turn disasters to their advantage. Animals have gone to great lengths to make the most out of some very perilous predicaments, and future climate change could force them to make even more changes in order to survive.

Direction: Keebe Kennedy

Production: Saint Thomas Productions for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Official selection "Award of the Juvenile Jury"

    GreenScreen - International wildlife film festival

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