Le Corbusier Effect 52' by Gilles Coudert


Architect and urban planner, Le Corbusier revolutionized housing and habitat. He imposed a modern vision of community life. His achievements, such as the Villa Savoye, the Cité Radieuse (Radiant City) and the Notre Dame du Haut (Our Lady of the Heights) chapel in Ronchamp, have gained international recognition and been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list. They have also become veritable icons. 

But what is it like living in these iconic locations? And how did the architect have a lasting influence on generations of artists?

Residents of today and yesterday, contemporary artists, urban planners, choreographers, cineastes, designers and composers… Many of them claim, each in his own fashion, an influence, a relationship or critical position with regard to the architect. Through their testimonials, delve into the artist’s world and rediscover his work and his spirit in a new light.


Direction: Gilles Coudert

Production: Mona Lisa Production & APRÈS Production

Genre: Art & Culture

Available versions: French, English

Screening Room

For professional use only

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