Ibex, wild goat of the alps 52' by Guillaume Collombet


In the Alpine peaks, wild animals have adapted to survive in extreme environments. One of them has chosen to live on the almost vertical rocky slopes that seem to defy gravity itself. Its emblematic silhouette stands out against the mountain tops. It's the Alpine ibex, king of the heady heights who watches over its territory as it slowly reconquers it. Today, we've almost forgotten that the Alpine ibex was close to totally disappear and that its survival was long jeopardized.

Using the tales written down in an old notebook found in a cabin by some children, this film tells the incredible story of the return of the ibex and gives us a close look at how this animal lives. As we travel with the ibex, we shall meet the other animals who sometimes cross his territory: The groundhog, the bearded vulture, the black grouse, the mountain hare, and the golden eagle… As we look at the challenges surrounding its protection, its reintroduction, and the exchange of animals between countries, we discover how closely its story is linked to that of man and how this surprising animal is a proof of how fragile wildlife can be.


Direction: Guillaume Collombet

Production: Mona Lisa Productions

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English

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