Genius plants 2x52' 4K by Thierry Berrod & Quincy Russell


Scientists are still trying to qualify intelligence in animals, but they unanimously agree that it exists. So, what about plants? Is it possible that the green denizens of our planet are also capable of much more than we ever imagined?

From their spectacular machinery which allows them to catapult pollen, sweat tannin and release flammable gasses, to their complex vascular system, this film will reveal the inner workings of flowers and trees.

Exclusive patented technology (electron and optical microscopy), macro cinematography, high-speed capture and time lapse will enable us to penetrate their mysterious universe, alongside scientists and experts who will share provocative experiments, using the leading edge of technology.

A revolutionary look at plants from their perspectives on survival, adaptation and evolution - while they continue to fulfill their critical role on our shared planet.


Direction: Thierry Berrod & Quincy Russell

Production: Mona Lisa Production for ARTE France

Delivery: Spring 2022

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English


  • The superpowers of plants
  • Strategies and stratagems of plants

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