Allo, police secours 52' by François Chilowicz & Anne Bettenfeld


Calling the 17, the number of the french police, is an avowal of a feeling of danger: accidents, noise and nuisances, assaults of all kinds, thefts, are always at the origin of the calls, beyond the little jokers who have fun polluting the line and exasperating the seasoned police officers at the end of the line.

This purely oral device - a frightened voice speaking to a voice of the police - structures the entire documentary. The film's shots, shot in a police station in Toulouse, intermingle the monotony of the physical space with the fury of panicked words, symptomatic of a state of latent crisis, both social and mental.


Direction: François Chilowicz & Anne Bettenfeld

Production: Bellota Films for France 2 

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French

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