History 4x52'


80 years after the end of WWII, this unprecedented immersion will take us closer than ever before to rediscover the war for what it truly is: the indispensable crucible of the contemporary world.


Navigating events and continents, the documentary alternates between a global approach and close-up incursions into the lives of men and women caught in the hell of World War II. Rather than focusing on a single aspect of the war, our documentary series treats it globally, exploring the military, political, economic, and social fronts, among others.


From the Japanese invasion of Manchuria to the siege of Stalingrad, from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the battle of El Alamein, the series - with 100% colorized and restored footages - narrates World War II on a "planet level", focusing on masses rather than individuals, continents over countries, to capture all facets of the conflict and place it on a truly global scale.

  • Episode 1: The Blaze (1939 - 1941)
  • Episode 2: Total War (1941 - 1942)
  • Episode 3: The tide turns (1943 - 1944)
  • Episode 4: Restructuring the World (1944 - 1945 and after)

Direction: Mickaël Gamrasni

Production: Program33

Delivery: Spring 2025

Languages: French, English

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