Travel & Adventure 52'

Under The Pole: The New Frontier

Emmanuelle and Ghislain, two tireless adventurers and experimented divers, are throwing a great and unprecedented challenge: dive to the depths of 150 meters…down to the polar abysses, in the heart of Greenland’s most breathtaking fjords.

The primary ingredients of this exceptional adventure are: an 8-month-long expedition, 800 kilometers of Greenland’s coasts and an Arctic schooner at the disposal of scientists from all over the globe. Ambition is the name of the game, with a program of 450 dives ranging from depths of 30 to 150 meters, armed with the preparation and development of unprecedented techniques.

Why 150 meters? Because that is assumed to be the limit of what the human body can survive in a polar environment. And because these virgin depths are still uncharted by researchers, and harbor a thousand scientific hypotheses that technology still has been unable to answer.

What will they find down there? How will their bodies cope with such extreme conditions?

Each stage lends itself to a thorough investigation carried out underwater by the divers, studied up on the surface by doctors of physiology, and interpreted by a field-based researcher. The final companions are the Inuit who help guide the team on the surface, and are fascinated by the underwater reality of a terrain they know inside and out as their hunting and fishing ground.

A fabulous human and scientific adventure that penetrates the unknown polar depths for the first time.

Direction: Jean-Gabriel Leynaud

Production: ZED pour France Télévisions

With the support of the European Union MEDIA Program

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