Investigation & Politics 52' 75'


February 24, 2022. Kyiv wakes up to the sounds of explosions. It is the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Many try to flee; others stay to contribute to the war effort. Among them, journalists determined to defend the truth, whatever the cost.


They are journalists, editors, presenters or technicians for Ukrainian news channels. Over a year ago, their professional lives radically changed. Working hard in extreme conditions – the newsroom as their new home, the bomb shelter as their new studio –, they took up the phenomenal challenge of reporting in wartime. To make their voices and that of their people heard, they must face a formidable enemy: disinformation.


Mixing testimonies with unseen and striking footage, this immersive investigation films the struggle of these “hell’s reporters” on the media front, thus making us live the war of invasion in real time.

Direction: Laurent Jaoui

Production: Veilleur de Nuit & Starlight .doc for CANAL+

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Festival TV de Luchon

    Special international Prize

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