Investigation & Politics 2x52' 4x90'


Anti-vax, climate change skeptics, flat earthers, the Illuminati or Lizard people… For a few years now, conspiracy theories have been spreading through online publications. If smoky theories are laughed at, they bring to light a worrying phenomenon that could make our democracies falter…


As 2.0 agoras, social networks are filled with contradictory, erroneous or downright hateful speeches. Beyond the obscure personal accounts, disinformation is winning over public opinion and sneaking into the state media… From the war in Ukraine to the hints of anti-Semitism, passing by the publicized divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, this documentary series sifts through the workings of fake news.


Combining archives, testimonies and experts’ interventions, The Fake News Game immerses us in the meanders of social networks and media, while analyzing the ins and outs of an ultra-modern threat.  

Episode 1: At the core of Russian propaganda

Episode 2: Depp vs. Heard: the social media trial

Episode 3: The Mia case, a child kidnapping conspiracy plot

Episode 4: The new face of anti-Semites

Direction: Elsa Guiol, Cécile Delarue, Félix Seger & Étienne Mélou

Production: Babel Doc & Together Media for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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