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The World according to Modi: The new Strength of India

Never before has India been so visible on the international stage. A democratic nuclear power with a population soon to outstrip that of China, forecast to become the world’s third biggest economic power by 2029, India has become, over the space of a few years, a major global player.

At its head is Narendra Modi, who combines populism with economic modernism, and embodies the ambiguity of this country better than anyone. Since his election in 2014, this man of the people, so skilled in communication, has undertaken some profound economic reforms but is also driving a nationalist and populist internal shift, to the detriment of minorities, women, and human rights.

What is his personal and political trajectory? What does his ascension tell us about the workings of Indian democracy and this new world order in the making?

Through the portrait of this political juggernaut, comprising interviews with Modi’s relatives, his political opponents and international experts, this investigative documentary recounts the emergence of a conquering India on the global scene, marking a historic turning point for the country and for the world.

Direction: Sophie Lepault

Production: Un Film à la Patte for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, English

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