Investigation & Politics 52' 80'

Red Shadow Over the White House

With the 2024 US presidential elections fast approaching, the Russian grip on the American political right - through spies, semi-spies and agents of influence - in the service of Russia is a pervasive, yet little-known and never really studied reality until now.


The Kremlin sees President Biden as weak, and Russian influence on the United States as strong. This context enabled Putin - among other considerations - to dare to invade Ukraine in February 2022. However, he is counting on Trump's victory in 2024, which would mean the definitive end of American support for Ukraine, and pave the way for a Russian victory. As proof of this connivance, only 48% of Republican voters now support Ukraine, and more of them prefer Putin to Biden!


How did we reach this level of influence? What is really at stake in the United States? What are the origins of Trump's positions? How is a part of American political life now under Russia's sway?


This investigative documentary, shot like a political thriller, narrated and structured like an espionage film, immerses us in the story of Russian infiltration of the United States, and recounts the mafia-like logic of Russia, the evolution of Putinism, the ambitions of the Russian President and his thirst for revenge.

Direction: Antoine Vitkine

Production: Nilaya Productions for France Télévisions

Delivery: Summer 2024

Languages: French, English

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