Investigation & Politics 52’ 70’

The world according to Kim Jong-un

On the eve of the 75th birthday of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Jong-un is determined to make the country the world’s leading nuclear power. Sweeping aside any possibility of disarmament, the leader rather strengthens his arsenal – by testing its “monster missile” Hwasong-17. Never has the North Korean nuclear threat been so strong.


Why such obsession with nuclear weapons? How seriously should we take this new threat? Is Kim Jong-un as unpredictable as we say, and why does he strive to provoke the entire planet? Here are the questions raised by this investigative documentary, in order to comprehend what is going on north of the 38th parallel, in the despotic world of the North Korean leader.


Thanks to archives and unpublished interviews with historians and politicians (some of whom were once close to the regime), this film takes us behind the scenes of power. With precision, it examines the strategies and geopolitical manipulations operated for seven decades by the Kim dynasty.

Direction: Romain Icard

Production: Tohubohu for France Télévisions & Histoire TV

Languages: French, English

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