Investigation & Politics 52’ 70’

The world according to Kim Jong-un

Never has the North Korean nuclear threat been so strong. Worldwide, observers are convinced that the leader Kim Jong-Un - in command for more than 10 years - will restart his nuclear program in the days to come, even though it has officially been stopped in 2017.


What is his purpose? Why this obsession with nuclear weapons? How seriously should we take this new threat? Is he really as unpredictable as we say, and why does he strive to provoke the entire planet? How do its neighboring countries react to its constant intimidations?


In order to better understand the threats to come, this film will reveal "the world according to Kim Jong-Un" and his inner world, to discern what is going on north of the 38th parallel.


Thanks to archives, unpublished and concerning interviews in OFF. We’ll unveil the strategies, the games of power, as well as the geopolitical manipulations operated for 7 decades by the KIM dynasty and its latest heir.

Direction: Romain Icard

Production: Tohubohu for France Télévisions & Histoire TV

Photo credits: ©KCNA

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