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The ultimate ice mission

The Petermann is one of the largest glaciers in the entire Northern Hemisphere and lies in a lunar canyon in Greenland. Larger and more majestic than Arizona’s Grand Canyon, this breathtaking landscape, never seen by the human eye, is melting like the rest of the poles: in August 2010, it gave birth to an iceberg of over 250 km.


An international mission is thus being launched, led by world-renowned French-American glaciologist Éric Rignot under the aegis of NASA. This mobile mission takes us from the North Pole with Greenland, to the South Pole in Antarctica - a monster that could contribute 10 times more than Greenland to rising sea levels.


Supported by cutting-edge equipment - submarines, satellites, etc. - and alongside renowned scientists and speakers - including Al Gore - we’ll explore the depths of the poles to understand what’s going on beneath those millions of tons of ice, and their impact on the disastrous rising waters.

Direction: Florent Muller

Production: AUXYMA for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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