Art & Culture 9x45'


Famous, talented and successful, sometimes acclaimed, sometimes reviled, they are among the greatest icons of our time, captivating audiences the world over. But what are their lives like outside the spotlight? And what really makes them tick?


Combining personal archives, clips and interviews, as well as journalists' points of view, this documentary series takes a fresh, honest look at the many facets - both dark or bright - of celebrities’ lives.  


  • Britney Spears
  • Pink
  • Eminem
  • Johnny Depp


Upcoming episodes

  • Justin Bieber - Delivery: July 2024
  • Miley Cyrus - Delivery: December 2024
  • Beyonce - Delivery: December 2024
  • Kanye West - Delivery: January 2025
  • Pamela Anderson - Delivery: January 2025


Réalisation : Bärbel Merseburger-Sill & Berit Schwarz

Production : StoryHouse for ZDF/3SAT

Languages: English

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