History 6x47'

The Pyramids: Solving the Mystery

From Cairo to Meidum, Egypt's archeological sites filmed for the first time by drone to reveal their hidden treasures...

The construction of the Egyptian pyramids remains an unsolved mystery. Numerous hidden pyramids and buried vestiges have yet to be discovered.

But today, Egyptologists and archaeologists have developed a new tool which uses aerial and satellite images to provide valuable fresh clues about the position, construction, and evolution of these edifices.

Nine of them are explored from a whole new perspective: the fascinating step pyramid of Djoser; the mysterious Bent Pyramid and the nearby Red Pyramid; the best-known but no less mysterious trio of pyramids on the plateau at Giza; the spectacular pyramid at Meidum; the Sphinx; and the little-known site of Abu Rawash.

Through each episode, thanks to CGI, satellite imagery and cutting-edge aerial archeology, this series sets out to decode the mysteries of the pyramids’ construction, and to recreate Egypt as it was more than 5,000 years ago.

  • Saqqara
  • Kheops
  • Dahshur
  • Abu Rawash
  • Giza
  • Meidoum

A series created by François Pomès

Direction: Lionel Langlade, Marie Perrin & Maud Guillaumin

Production: Label News for RMC Découverte and Science & Vie TV

Languages: French, English

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