Investigation & Politics 63'

The Dyatlov mystery

How two scientists solved a 60 year-old mystery surrounding nine Russian hikers’ death.

Winter 1959: 9 Russian hikers disappear in the Ural mountains. After weeks of searching, their corpses were found scattered around their base camp with inexplicable injuries. Some were half-naked, some had crushed rib cages, and others were missing eyes and tongues. But after a long and unfruitful investigation without rational explanations, Russia closed the case. From alien abduction to a Yeti to military missile testing, over 75 theories exist to try to explain what happened to the Dyatlov group.

This incident will become one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the 20th century, until the recent discoveries of two Swiss scientists who immediately received worldwide media attention...

Based on exclusive interviews, this unprecedented documentary not only retraces the history of the Dyatlov incident, but also offers for the first time an in-depth look into what is now considered to be THE solution to this 60 year-old case.

Direction: Matteo Born

Production: RSI


Languages: French, English

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