History 2x60'


If there is one experience we all have in common, it is to have spent our childhood in school. Sometimes we loved it, sometimes we hated it. In the end, each generation shares a body of knowledge acquired during those school years and images that remain forever.


For 200 years, from the school certificate to the high school for all, the French have embarked on the adventure of knowledge. And they hold on to their school, public, free and secular, and at the same time, they never stop wanting to change it. For students as well as for teachers, learning and teaching remains an ordeal, full of pitfalls, misunderstandings, discoveries, and always of emotions.


In this great tale in two parts, witnesses, famous or not, teachers and students confront their memories with the history of the school, the history of the nation at the level of children.

Direction: Stéphane Correa

Production : Point du Jour for France Télévisions & Histoire TV

Languages: French

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