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Sounds of the Alhambra

Throughout history, the famous monuments of our time have fueled the imagination of composers who, in return, have paid homage to them in some of their finest works. The Alhambra is one such monument. This ancient citadel has inspired numerous composers, including Manuel De Falla, Isaac Albeniz, Joaquin Turina, and Claude Debussy.

Sounds of the Alhambra draws on the work of such illustrious composers and takes us on a musical journey through the history of an architectural masterpiece, a symbol of eternal Spain. Like a voyage of musical discovery, its immersive acoustic atmosphere reflects a thousand years of history and design. Falling somewhere between a documentary and a concert recording performed on the patios of the acropolis, the film explores the rich musical heritage of this legendary place, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy a mesmerizing journey that reveals the visual and musical magic of this unique and spectacular palace!

Direction: Corentin Leconte

Production: Schuch Productions for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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