Nature 52'

Sex under the Sea

Under the sea, the reproduction chain is extremely varied and complicated. In a 52' marine wildlife documentary, discover exclusive and rare footage of every type of sexual behaviour under the water. How are marine animals able to reproduce in such vast, dark oceans where meeting a partner seems impossible? How, in this moving, liquid element, do they manage to overcome this challenge: to perpetuate the species?

Over millions of years of evolution, marine animals have used the physical properties of the water, each in its own way, and succeeded in developing original mating strategies for passing on their genes.

Direction: Etienne Verhaegen

Production: Cinéma Direct

awards & festivals

  • Maritime, Exploration and Environment Film Festival (France)

    Gold Anchor

  • World Festival of the Submarine Image (France)

    Prize for The Unusual

  • Ocean Film Festival of San Francisco (United States)

    Best Film (Wildlife Category)

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