Travel & Adventure 4x52'

Rust Paradise

Plunge into a journey across atypical cemeteries and discover the colossal beauty of cars’ graveyards, supertankers, trains, military vehicles and abandoned ruins around the world. Some of these testimonies of our industrial civilization are classified in the World Heritage, others are under threat of reversal or erasure.

This series takes us to meet collectors, biologists and environmentalists who defend the new ecosystems that have taken over these wrecks. A breathtaking and patrimonial voyage to a spectacular and totally unrevealed world.

Episode 1: Maritime and Railways Skeletons

Episode 2: Old Cars Sleeping Beauties

Episode 3: Military Sanctuaries

Episode 4: Abandoned Structures

Direction: Thierry Berrod

Production: Mona Lisa Production and ARTE G.E.I.E

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