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In total, there are over 800 varieties of squash! But needless to say, the pumpkin is the most famous of all. Tasty, nutritious and low-cost, this autumn vegetable attracts each year more and more fans. Let’s take a look at its origins, properties and many uses!


Native to North America and imported in Europe by explorer Cabeza de Vaca in the 16th century, pumpkins are today grown in many gardens. In soup, pies or au gratin, it cheers up the heart when winter approaches. Thanks to its many benefits, it is of interest to cooks and scientists alike. But beyond its tasty and healthy qualities, the pumpkin is also a star decoration: its consumption soars when Halloween comes, resulting in a considerable waste…


From gardens to top restaurants, from the French Institute of Agricultural Research to the European championship of the largest squash, via popular tales and Irish folklore, this documentary paints a detailed portrait of the most popular cucurbit. 

Direction: Élise Joseph

Production: AUXYMA for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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