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Created some ten centuries ago in southern Italy - within the Campania region -, mozzarella is one of the worlds’ most popular cheeses. As a result of its success, an ever-growing number of its derivatives can now be found on the market… But what’s left of the traditional white ball of buffalo milk?


A melt-in-the-mouth topping for pizzas, a creamy note to pasta or a gourmet touch to salads: Mozzarella appeals in lots of ways! Originally made from buffalo milk and shaped by hand, its ancestral recipe is now undergoing many inflections. From the innovations of top chefs such as Thierry Marx – French leading figure in molecular cuisine – to vegan alternatives and the proliferation of ultra-processed products from food industry giants, this film investigates the evolution of this Italian specialty.


From traditional Neapolitan farms to the cheese industry’s biggest factories, via the kitchens of finest restaurants, Mathieu Barrère takes us through the mozzarella-making process while raising major issues about health and food transition.

Direction: Mathieu Barrère

Production: AUXYMA for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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