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The Palace of Monaco: The Secrets of Forgotten Frescoes

In the Palace of Monaco, gigantic Renaissance frescoes hidden for centuries under several layers of plaster and overpainting were brought to light in 2013. 600 m2 of decorations featuring mythological and grotesque themes of exceptional quality. Who painted them? And what are their meanings?


For almost 10 years, restorers, historians and curators have been joining forces and expertise to uncover the many secrets of these monumental works - leading to the great Genoese masters of the 16th century - and to restore this forgotten heritage to its former glory.


Combining artisanal techniques, cutting-edge technology and an eco-responsible approach, this extraordinary restoration project is coupled with a fascinating investigation that could reveal a little-known part of Renaissance history.

  • Les Fresques Oubliées du Rocher
  • Dans le Secret des Fresques Oubliées

Direction: Fabrice Buysschaert

Production: Patrick Spica Productions

Languages: French, English

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