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The Palace of Monaco: Hidden Treasures and Frescoes Uncovering

In the Palace of Monaco, gigantic frescoes of the Renaissance hidden on the walls, under several layers of plaster, have been discovered in 2013, 5 centuries after their execution. 600 m² of decorations where mythological and grotesque themes of exceptional quality are mixed and whose origin is to be sought among the greatest Genoese masters of the 16th century. 

This discovery, one of the most important of recent decades, is the starting point of an extraordinary archaeological project commissioned by Prince Albert II of Monaco. For the past nine years, this project has mobilized the most advanced technological means available, as well as some of the greatest experts in the history of art, with an ambitious goal: to uncover the secrets of this forgotten heritage. Unprecedented restoration techniques and a historical investigation will be at the heart of this film which, for the first time, will reveal to the public a new page in the history of Renaissance art.

Direction: Fabrice Buysschaert

Production: Patrick Spica Productions

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