Megastructure Sport 52' 63'


Broadcast in 90 countries and followed by 1 billion people, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most legendary motor sport competitions. But, in order to take place, the event is preceded by another type of race, just as phenomenal. In 7 weeks, engineers and technicians must build its gigantic urban circuit. It is the start of a prodigious time trial.


A 2.2-mile winding loop with an impeccable surface, grandstands ready to accommodate some 20,000 spectators, gigantic complexes made of 2,000 tons of metal parts… Around 200 people are working hand in hand in order to build a huge circuit that can be completely dismantled. And they have less than 3 months to do so! To achieve this goal, unfailing precision and organization are needed - because the slightest incident could jeopardize the start of the race.


Combining aerial shots, 3D animations and contributions of experts and racers, this film invites us to follow - step by step - Monaco’s circuit construction process, a true challenge of engineering and technology.

Direction: Fabrice Buysschaert

Production: Patrick Spica Productions for RMC Découverte

Languages: French, English

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