Sport Travel & Adventure 6x52'


Antoine Auriol, former world kitesurfing champion, takes us on an ecological journey in two seasons.


In the first, GREEN, he travels to Reunion Island, French Guiana and Tahiti. Extraordinary places where nature, in all its strength and generosity, still has its place, but where each territory is confronted with its own ecological issues, linked to the sea, the land and the forest. His quest is to find a natural sanctuary that man has not altered. Along the way, he will meet people who have chosen to improve their quality of life or well-being without harming nature, or even helping it to regenerate.


In the second, BLUE, Antoine Auriol is taking part in a new adventure: "The Ocean Race", a round-the-world yacht race with skipper Boris Herrmann (ranked 5th in the 2020 Vendée Globe). A sporting challenge with an ecological vocation: throughout the trip, the team will contribute to scientific research by collecting oceanographic data. From ocean to ocean, from South Africa to Europe via Brazil, Antoine will stop over on several continents, sharing with us the actions of men and women who live in close contact with nature, and are working to protect it.

GREEN (season 1) 

  • Episode 1: Tahiti
  • Episode 2: French Guyana
  • Episode 3: Reunion Island


BLUE (season 2) 

  • Episode 1: South Africa
  • Episode 2: Brazil
  • Episode 3: Italy & Monaco

Direction: Eric Capitaine

Production: Windy Production, Tabo Tabo Films for Ushuaïa TV & France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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